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Revitalise Your Skin with the Total Correct Serum

As we age, our skin starts to lose its youthful glow, and the signs of aging become more prominent. With a mission to help people by transforming their skin, we believe that visible results come from renewing the layers of the skin. We’re here to assure you that with our Total Correct Serum, you have the power to revolutionise your skincare routine and target the visible signs of aging effectively. Packed with a powerful Triple Antiaging Complex, this gold-standard serum is designed to leave your skin feeling lightly hydrated, velvety smooth and beautifully illuminated.

Key ingredients of this antiaging serum

The efficacy of this antiaging serum lies in the power of its three key ingredients. The Triple Antiaging Complex combines the exfoliating and brightening properties of NeoGlucosamine®, the antiwrinkle and firming benefits of Aminofil®, as well as the illuminating and restorative effects of vitamin C. Together, they work wonders to address the signs of aging so you can revitalise your skin and reveal a more youthful, hydrated and radiant complexion.

8% NeoGlucosamine®

As a patented non-acid amino sugar, this versatile ingredient provides many benefits to the skin. NeoGlucosamine® is a building block of the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid, and it works its antiwrinkle magic to gently exfoliate, provide plumping and firming action and visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This gentle exfoliator removes dead skin cells to reveal a brighter and more even complexion.


This innovative ingredient is our latest breakthrough de-ager that is designed to plump and firm the skin, giving it a more lifted and youthful appearance. With regular use, Aminofil® helps to restore the skin’s natural volume, resulting in a smoother and more refined complexion.

Vitamin C

When it comes to skincare, vitamin C needs no introduction. This powerful antioxidant is a key ingredient in our antiaging serum and adds an extra boost to your skin’s radiance. Vitamin C helps brighten the complexion, even out skin tone and reduces the appearance of dark spots and discolouration. It also helps to protect the skin against environmental stressors, ensuring it looks fresh and revitalised.

How to revitalise your skin with the Total Correct Serum

  • Using the fingertips, gently apply the antiaging serum to a cleansed face.

  • Smooth the serum over the face and neck either on its own or under treatment and moisturiser.
  • Remember to use a broad-spectrum SPF sunscreen during the day if your moisturiser does not contain SPF.

  • For easy product dispensing, store the tube with the cap facing down. As the tube empties, tap it gently so that the serum moves into the nozzle.

With its Triple Antiaging Complex, the Total Correct Serum is a true skincare game-changer. The combination of NeoGlucosamine®, Aminofil® and vitamin C offers a powerful solution to combat the visible signs of aging and create a firmer, more lifted look. With consistent use, this antiaging serum will revitalise your skin and restore its youthful radiance. With Exuviance, you can have peace of mind in knowing you’re only a skincare step away from unlocking the radiant, confident and empowered version of yourself.