South Africa's leading

Sorbet is South Africa’s leading BEAUTY SALON* with over 200 stores countrywide.

We are Passionate

When you’re passionate about something, you know it. How? Because it draws you in. It ignites “something” inside of you and it tickles your bones with excitement. So, when you’re passionate about service, you know it. You breathe it. You live it, because you live to improve the lives of others.

We serve with heart

"Service”, is the spine of our business. This is what we are built on, and around. Our service is what keeps us walking tall and standing proud. We serve differently. We serve with heart. And it’s the heart of our business that sets us apart. We love what we do and we love who we are: world-class professionals that care.

We are Family

We don’t have customers. We have guests. We don’t work to make money; we work to make a difference. We are not a team. We are family.

Sorbet is not just a brand. It’s an attitude. It’s “that” feeling. We’re all about Nails, facials, hot wax, Manicures , Hollywood, Brazilian, Swedish and Gelish. We paint and we dip we deep cleanse and we deep tissue. We do not deep sleep, we leave that for the day spas.


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